Kids Love These Online Colouring in Games

Children love to be creative therefore accessing great online colouring in games is a way to encourage their creativity and talent while they also have lots of fun. Here we take a look at some of the best online colouring in games out there just now, where to find the games plus how to create amazing pictures.

Pony Creator by General Zoi

Pony Creator

We love playing Pony Creator as there are so many great alternatives to utilise when it comes to creating your individual pony. As you can see above our pony looks really unique! Users begin with a basic pony figure standing in a basic pose then the fun begins as kids begin to get creative. First click on create where a number of options are offered such as body, eye colour, mane, face, tail and background. Each category has many options to choose from therefore making each pony unique when completed.

My Little Pony is a firm favourite with children of all ages therefore it is no surprise that this great online game where kids can design their own pony is a hit! There are lots of accessories to choose from too like sun glasses or ankle bracelets, while any number of colours is also available to make your accessories look unique. Posing your pony comes next. She can stand back on her hind legs or maybe you prefer her to sit, it's up to you. Pony Creator Online Edition from General Zoi is a superb colouring and creating game and is also available to use on Android.

Winnie the Pooh Online Colouring Game

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh the cute honey loving bear is a firm favourite with children everywhere and now kids can go online in order to colour in scenes from the famous books and cartoons using skill and imagination. The game provides an easy to use paint brush plus a superb paint palette with twenty eight different shades offering so many combinations of colour to the user!

Kids will find it easy and fun to play Winnie the Pooh Online Colouring Game as by clicking the mouse over the brush they can manoeuvre it onto their chosen colour. Once selected its simple just drop the colour onto the area of the picture you require and instantly it is coloured in. How do you think we did? We think our picture looks amazing! Once the picture is complete kids can sign their name and print off the picture, while clicking on play again means children can create another masterpiece using different colours.

Princess Belle Online Colouring Page

Princess Belle

Princess Belle is of course the beautiful character that features in Beauty and the Beast. Click on play to discover a great picture of Belle with The Beast and begin to colour in by clicking the paint brush. Move the brush over the shade you require click then drop the colour over the area you wish to shade in. It really is that simple! The game features an amazing colour palette meaning all kinds of combinations of colour can be achieved.

Princess Belle looks very pretty, while the beast in the picture looks pretty fierce. Once again kids can add their signature to their creation and print a copy off to keep in their scrapbook. Princess Belle and the Beast can be coloured in as many times as you like until you are satisfied the picture looks exactly how you want it. This is a great online colouring page that kids will use time and again in order to hone their skills, while using the mouse in order to control the paint brush is great practice.

Alice in Wonderland Online Colouring Game

Alice in Wonderland

The Alice in Wonderland Online Colouring Game has a fantastic colour palette that offers all the colours of the rainbow and then some. The picture itself is lovely as it depicts Alice in an amazing garden surrounded by giant mushrooms. It is the type of picture you would expect to see in Alice's magic land.

This picture is very busy therefore it takes a little more skill with the paint brush to colour it in. Very small children may find the picture too difficult. Once the picture is coloured in to your satisfaction you then have the option to modify the colours, print the picture or select a different game. One slight irritation is the musical accompaniment that is very repetitive and annoying. You may wish to hit the mute button. That said we love the Alice In Wonderland Online Colouring game.

Sinbad Online Colouring Page


Sinbad has taken to the air in this great colouring in picture, with the beautiful princess who is clinging on for dear life, while a fierce looking dog is gnashing his teeth behind them. As with previous titles kids simply need to use the mouse to control the paint brush, while selecting colours is easy as there is such a wide selection available in the paint palette.

Sinbad can be as colourful as you like, while once you are satisfied with your creation you can click finish in order to add your signature to your work. Kids can opt to print the picture off or start again in order to colour the picture again. Playing with the Sinbad Online Colouring Page is a lot of fun, it encourages kids to be creative and also use their imagination. Manual dexterity plus practise using the mouse is also a by-product of playing the Sinbad Colouring game.

Pony Lumen

Pony Lumen

Another one of these online pony makers but this time in 3D. Pony Lumen features for ability to colour every part of your pony's 3D body including - Horn, Wings, Ears, Eyes, Main and Tail. Being 3D it separates itself from the other versions you can find here - by looking more realistic whilst keeping the cuteness of the ponies intact.

Unlike many colouring games which are rather static and lack interaction Lumen 3D allows you to choose an animation to make your coloured in pony come to life. For example you can choose to have your pony trot or even fly.