Kids Love These Draw My Thing

Creativity is one of the defining factors of being human, so it should come as little surprise when a game that manages to harness such creativity in a simple and entertaining way become one of the fastest-selling titles to ever grace the internet or mobile device. Draw My Thing is a game that bases its format on Pictionary, a board game that is somewhat of a modern classic.

Draw My Thing

With a social aspect and the ability to play with players at any time of the day at any location in the world that has internet, however, Draw My Thing is a small work of genius that lets players break out their creativity for the purpose of challenging themselves, others, and for the entertainment of all involved. Because it is a blend of creative expression and competitive interpretation of drawings, this game has a hugely broad appeal and is simple without being easy, a quality that many games fail to make work for themselves.

Draw My Thing works in a chat-room environment, with players queuing up for matches that commence when there are enough players. After entering a chat room, you are able to converse with other players but the main aim is to watch as they take it in turns to draw different sketches on the screen so that others can guess the word that their sketch is supposed to represent. When it is your turn, you simply have to do the same, using the mouse to control the basic drawing tools in order to come up with a drawing that results in other players guessing the word that is only known by you in as little time as possible.

Draw My Thing

The incentive to draw sketches that are easily interpretable is high because you score points for other players’ quick guesses, as well as scoring points when you guess other players’ sketches in a quick manner.

Don’t be put off by the people that cheat by simply writing out the word that they are supposed to be drawing sketches for since you can dip in and out of matches very easily and you will soon find a match where everyone wants to play fairly. The drawing tool is fairly basic compared to the game’s mobile-based successor, Draw Something 2, but the tools are ample for the job, particularly for the online version where the aim is to simply engage in some short matches instead of in a 1 vs 1 manner that the mobile version of the game offers.

Draw My Thing is a fantastic online game from OMGPOP that allows you to be as creative as possible and also lets you occasionally laugh at other people’s poor attempts at sketching some of the more difficult words out there. The game’s design is extremely professional and could be described as having high levels of polish whilst being a little quirky and playful as not to appear too serious. The game is about having fun and the social aspect makes it an almost unbeatable game for those wishing to connect with others in their pastimes.