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Welcome to Kids101-art

kids101-art is a Virtual Gallery designed to celebrate the creativity of our children. It has been conceived by art teachers, children and their supporters in order to bring the world into their classroom. All of our talented children deserve recognition for the effort and resourcefulness they put into producing their original pieces of art.

By putting art work into the kids 101 -art Virtual Gallery, we are sharing the ingenuity of our children thus building and nurturing their confidence. We all want the best for our children and our children always want to try their best for us - we need to encourage them and inspire their imaginations. As they work hard to produce imaginative and resourceful art work, they deserve the recognition for their efforts.

Several years ago, a school Pyramid (high school with feeder schools) was looking for a way to share and exhibit pupils' artwork so that visitors can get an overview of the areas' achievements in this field. The visitors that they were hoping to attract were the students and their parents from the other schools in the Pyramid. A trial site was established with a Virtual Gallery. The attraction to the Virtual Gallery grew beyond their expectations and many other schools were asking to place their own exhibits in the Virtual Gallery. This site is the culmination of the experience, guidance and dedication of art teachers and their supporters.

kids 101 -art was created to meet the growing demands for displaying original art produced by school children in the UK.

Sponsorship Only

A fundamental principle of the gallery is to ensure that your school budget remains untouched. kids101-art has been designed to be supported by your community through the involvement of community and corporate sponsors. kids101-art will invoice your corporate sponsor directly. Your sponsor's logo will be proudly displayed and linked with your school.

You can help us by pointing your sponsor towards this gallery!

We have prepared the "kids101 Guide to Sponsorship" and you can find it at http://www.kids101.net/index.php?t=731

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